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Gene Vasconi, author

From his childhood years taking apart alarm clocks and other mechanical devices (but never able to reassemble them), Gene has been involved with technology.  So - it is no wonder that he combined his love of music with electronic media and, while studying for his Bachelor of Music degree, worked at a radio station as a D.J.

After discovering smoking in college and then miraculously graduating, he was encouraged to enter the Vietnam era military (by the Vietnam era draft board) and put his music degree to use as an Army bandsman serving in Maryland and Hawaii.  This experience elevated his performance level to professional but the lure of electronic media caught him again upon discharge from the service. 

He re-entered civilian life at an ABC TV affiliate in Ohio as an on-air announcer and worked his way up to being a Producer/Director while studying for and receiving a Master of Arts in Communications at Kent State University of Ohio. 

Many years later, Gene took an opportunity to purchase the company he was working for and, over the years, Gene has created television programs of all types, countless commercials, promotional and advertising projects, electronic exhibits, even a wedding video or two.  Given his interest in writing (and the need for this in his line of work), it was inevitable that he would turn to writing books. 

Say What? book coverHis first book, “Say What?” is a collection of career experiences, advanced education training, and life observations peppered with refinements of the knowledge he received as a graduate student. 

Gene has been fortunate to have worked with all forms of media communication and the understanding gained from his mistakes and successes made his first book, “Say What: Do You really Know What You Are Communicating?” a valuable asset to anyone seeking to promote their message.  And, of course, that means everyone on the planet according to Gene. 


He is still interested in helping people improve the way they communicate but his attention has shifted to something he now considers much more pressing and meaningful to people ... especially to past and current smokers and others who work with chemicals.




For Bladder or Worse coverGene was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2010 and, after experiencing the many, new medical procedures associated with the disease, decided to write “For Bladder or Worse” to help others understand what might be in store for them before they actually found themselves semi-naked and on an examining table. 


In addition to writing the book, he is available as a speaker to any groups that wish to discover more about the liabilities of smoking and also to those high-risk people seeking to understand more about the generally ignored "swim-up-behind-and-bite-you" shark called bladder cancer.  The title of his presentation is, "SMOKING, STONES, AND STINTS" and is guaranteed to keep your audiences riveted and wanting to go to the potty!


SO, HOW'S IT GOING?  (January 2018)

Gene had been having ongoing bleeding and clotting issues for several months.  It was finally determined that there was a mass in his left kidney and the decision was made to remove it.  This was successful and the bleeding ceased.  A side issue that was not anticipated was recurrent cramping of the prostate following surgery.  This had been present before surgery especially after passing clots which irritated the prostate.

In the days following surgery, three catheters were placed over the days and, after removal of each, urine constriction occurred  which required installing another catheter (mostly accompanied by a lot of pain).  Once the majority of clots had passed, the prostate settled down with the help of medication and the final catheter removed.  It was also discovered that the right kidney has been invaded by the cancer creeps.  That kidney was cleaned out and is being watched for health - it is sitting at about 39% efficiency which is getting real close to being unsatisfactory.  As we say in the TV business...FILM AT 11.


So, as seems to be the story with bladder cancer, there is always some new angle over the horizon. 


We remain convinced that nutrition is a key factor to fighting all cancer but modification of the diet and addition of supplements must be balanced with how one wishes to live one's life.  Don't graze only on kale -- who wants to live like that unless you are a cow?  Enjoy life as long as you have it.


With the addition of the kidney into the mix, we have added another specialty to assist our urologist:  nephrology which is the study  dealing specifically with the kidney.

Yes, it starts getting confusing because the urologist and the nephrologist share some ground since they both can deal with the kidney.  Simply put, the urologist is the doctor who works with the structure and resulting performance of the organs while the nephrologist keeps the kidney functioning once it had been operated on. 


So, the saga continues to unfold and we will report back here when there is something worth reporting.  Our hope and goal is to not report anything but...all is well.


Start your learning and  jump to the "EXPERTS" page and hear what they have to say.  Every one of the pros plays a role in helping you lick this thing.  It isn't easy but it can be done.


Gene is a sought after speaker and is available for speaking engagements, seminars, or break-out sessions. 


You can reach him through his web site,  

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