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Author Gene VasconiAuthor Gene Vasconi has written "For Bladder or Worse" to chronicle his encounter with bladder cancer from his very first realizations of something unusual all the way until today.  He chose to do this in a humorous style.  Why?  Because he is terribly and hopelessly mentally sick.  Not really.


Here are Gene's own words about why he wrote this book in this way...


"Bladder cancer is really not a fun hobby.  You don't get pleasure out of cultivating the very best or biggest tumors or even being able to survive a cystoscope session without sucking a lot of air.  Call me silly ... I never have found great triumphs in all of this.  So, this isn't a "tell bladder cancer stories around the dinner table" kind of thing.  Well, I figured that unless I turned the humiliating and often intense experiences I have had into something entertaining, no one would ever opt in.  And if no one opts in, then no one finds out that this bladder cancer stuff really is not something you want to get ... and, if you have ever smoked, you get it a lot more than those who have not (hint).


As I mention in the beginning of the book, I do not intend to demean or offend anyone who has either got bladder cancer, beaten it, or had a relative die from it.  But, here is the deal ... it is what it is so you may as well make the best out of it.  And I seriously doubt that anyone with it doesn't want to help spread the word about why you get it and how you can either beat it or live with it."


And with that, I put on my rubber bladder suit and invite you to click through and learn about all the fun you are missing by not having bladder cancer ... assuming you don't."

Gene VasconiHealthy bladder buddy