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How to book author, Gene Vasconi for a keynote, seminar or breakout session.


Gene Vasconi is a sought after speaker.  His talk, "Smoking Stones, and Stints" will keep your audience riveted, legs clamped together, and wanting to go to the potty.

Who knew that talking about cancer, smoking, and marijuana could be so much fun ... and enlightening.

You will never go to the potty again without thinking of Gene!  Hmmm.


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Gene Vasconi has been speaking to and training audiences for several years about improving their personal and business communication.  His first book, “Say What: Do You Really Know What You Are Communicating?” was written from his over 20 years experience in media.  In addition, he has been a featured guest on radio talk shows across the country but now things have changed.

Diagnosed with bladder cancer several years ago, Gene has become an expert on bladder cancer and a reluctant participant in the health care system.  His new book is a side-splitting narration of his “adventures” fighting the disease.  It is called, “For Bladder or Worse” and is available on and other locations.

The title of Gene's speaking presentation is "Smoking, Stones, and Stints" and that is only the beginning.  The talk is frank and full of humor that Gene is able to relate only after the fact of being poked, stuck, probed, and generally humiliated during his treatment which is ongoing.


A brief sample from Gene’s book on the dreaded “cystoscope”…


Now, in the 5 minutes that this procedure took, I had about 6 hours to envision how this device was contrived.  I think this is similar to most medical devices in use today and 100% of all dental devices.  I see a couple of jokers meeting in a bar one night … engineer/mechanical types who have seen a niche and are planning to fill it.  “Yeah, they need some kind of pipe they can jam into where you pee so they can look around for cancer,” says one joker.  “So are they gonna look through it or do we stick a camera on it?” the other guy asks.  “Yep, a camera,” his partner replies.  And so the conversation advances to the ultimate conclusion egged on by more and more beer … “well, hell --- stick a hood ornament on the end and tell ‘em they have to stand on their head to use it too . . . be a great laugh!”  They sold a million of them to urologists who love them because they have never had one used on them!






You'll live every tense moment ranging from the first exam to the race to the emergency room to try and avoid bladder explosion.  Funny?  Indeed … especially if you aren't the one on the table.


The outrageous humor is mixed with liberal doses of information regarding the increasing menace of bladder cancer.  You'll discover why it is the 4th most common cancer in men and the 8th in women; why there are certain things you can do to minimize your risk of getting it; how to know if you have it; and even how to easily make a lifestyle change that may save your life.


Gene’s "Smoking, Stones, and Stints" presentation teeters on the edge but is appropriate for any age group because bladder cancer is not just an older person's disease.  People as young as 17 can get it and what you eat, drink, and smoke has a huge impact on your likelihood of becoming a statistic.  You'll hear Gene's candid observations plus summaries of his hard-hitting interviews with medical pros. 


From a tour of "bladder central" to an in-depth examination of catheter history, Gene keeps audiences riveted; they will leave knowing how to protect themselves against this stealth disease.  Warning:  this is NOT a depressing, victim-sobbing event.  It is positive, funny and designed to inform and educate while no one realizes it.



Written from a patient's view, this book is jam-packed with tips and useful information about bladder cancer, including how to recognize it and how to proceed on your trip to becoming healthy.  Gene manages to present it in a light-hearted, enthusiastic manner allowing the reader to take the journey without getting scared away.  This is an entertaining and helpful source that I recommend for your reading and your library."   -Barbara Hales, M.D. Founder and President of The Medical Strategist



Venues perfect for this topic

  •  Men's associations
  •  Women’s groups
  •  Health-oriented meetings
  •  Stop smoking gatherings
  •  Anti-Marijuana Events
  •  Cancer prevention seminars
  •  Family wellness meetings
  •  Medical professional gathering
  •  Nutrition seminars
  •  Colleges

Gene's fee for his presentation is based on the venue and the sales and promotion options for the book.  Gene is also available electronically for PR you may wish to organize before the event.  High Hopes Publishing will provide PR material to assist with your promotional activities.

As a bonus, your organization also becomes eligible for a reduced price and volume discounts for the "For Bladder or Worse" book.


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